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About Splitz Firewood

We have been delivering seasoned firewood in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester and Delaware County since 2008. 

We started as a very small firewood company and are now the leading firewood producer in Montgomery and Bucks County. We deliver an average of 2100 cords per year. 

 We are proud to say that our company produces and sells our own firewood. 

We would love feedback from you if you have ordered with us before.  

We deliver seasoned wood all year long. 

Seasoned wood is cut and split, then left to air dry for 9 months before Delivery. 

We Deliver Approximately in Our Trucks: 

 -1/2 Cord of Our Firewood:
  •Delivered is approximately 75 cubic square feet

-1 Cord Of Our Firewood:
    •Delivered is approximately 150 cubic square feet 

- 2 Cords of Our Firewood: 
    •Delivered is approximately 300 cubic square fee

Splitz Firewood is Supplying Firewood to Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, Chester and Delaware County.